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Health Information Technology

We teach you how to work in varied specialized areas for both private physicians offices and hospitals. Many graduated students furthered their specialty to become entry level medical coders/billers, Hospital Registrars, and health information managers.


We will train the student to work in a variety of healthcare situations alongside medical personnel. The main focus will be geared toward positions in hospitals & hospices. The student will learn how to work in a supportive capacity with other medical personnel to ensure patient safety and professional care.

Phlebotomy Technician

This course is designed to teach the student the basics of common and specialty blood draw techniques and specimen processing. Upon completion of the course the student will possess the skills needed to work in lab with patients of varying health conditions and backgrounds.

HVAC Training & Continuing Education

Learn how to install, troubleshoot repair and maintain residential and commercial HVAC systems. You'll learn how to work with heat pumps, geothermal and hydronic heating units, ac units, refrigeration units, refrigeration units, air distribution units, and more.

Job Placement Assistance

Upon Completion of the course you will be able to search for employment in the field you have studied. We will help you with the application and resume writing processes.

Payment plan financial assistance

Each student is able to make the necessary payment plans to facilitate their educational attainment goals. Plans vary by student and course chosen.

Resume Preparation

Before Completion of program you will receive assistance in preparing your resume for potential employers giving it that polish and shine that sets you apart from the rest in the workforce expansion.

CNA Re-newel classes

If your Certification has expired we offer a re-newel course to help set you back on track in your career.

Interviewing Skills

Along with resume prep we will polish you interviewing skills to help take the edge off the initial nervousness of pre-employment screening.

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