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Start a rewarding career in ​​Computer​​ Maintenance​​ Technician

Everybody​​ with ​​a computer​​knows ​​that​​ moment​​ of​​ panic ​​when ​​the​​ hard drive ​​crashes and​​ for​​ business ​​people, ​​it​​ usually ​​happens ​​when​​ they’ restaring​​ into ​​the ​​eye​​ of ​​a ​​deadline.  ​​But ​​if ​​you’re​​ a​​computer​​ physician capable ​​of ​​diagnosing​​ virtual​​ills ​​and​​ then ​​repairing​​ them,​​ you​​ can​​ take ​​on the​​ appearance​​ of​​ an​​angel ​​of​​ mercy​​ as ​​a​​ computer​​ repair​​ specialist.

You'll drive​​ out​​ to ​​clients'​​ homes ​​or​​ offices ​​with​​ your​​ brief case​​ of ​​tools​​ and equipment​​ and​​ heal ​​those ​​sickly ​​computers ​​and ​​printers.​​ You​​can​​ also​​ earn tidy​​ revenues ​​with​​ preventive​​ maintenance dusting​​ or​​ vacuuming ​​innards and​​ cleaning​​ disk​​ drives​​ on ​​a​​ quarterly​​ or​​ semi annual​​ basis.

The advantages ​​to ​​this​​ business​​ are ​​that ​​it's​​ recession proof businesses ​​need computers ​​to​​ operate,​​ and ​​home computer ​​buffs​​ can't​​ live ​​without ​​their virtual ​​pals, ​​either.​​

And​​ since ​​the ​​computer​​ industry ​​is ​​one ​​of​​ exponential growth, ​​peripheral ​​industries ​​like​​ computer​​ maintenance ​​and ​​repair ​​are here ​​to​​ stay. ​​As​ ​a ​​final ​​plus, ​​this ​​business ​​is ​​satisfying people ​​are ​​always appreciative ​​when​ ​you​ ​bring ​​an​ ​acutely ​​ill ​​hard​ ​drive ​​or ​​printer​ ​back ​​to health.​​

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You'll​​ need ​​to​ ​have​ ​the ​​knowledge​ ​and ​​skills​ ​of ​​a ​​good ​​computer physician, ​​including ​​how ​​to ​​change ​​mother boards, ​​repair ​​and ​​replace ​​hard drives, ​​and​ ​add ​​memory ​​chips. ​​And ​​you​​ should ​​have ​​a ​​good ​​computer side manner ​​so ​​you ​​can ​​soothe ​​panicky ​​owners​​ and ​​tactfully​​ instill ​​the​ ​benefits of​ ​good​ ​preventive ​​maintenance.