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Soldering and Surface Mount Technology

Soldering is ​​a​​ process​​ in ​​which ​​two ​​or​​ more ​​metal ​​items​​ are​​ joined ​​together by​​ melting ​​and​​ then​​ flowing​​ a​​ filler ​​metal​​ into ​​the ​​joint—the ​​filler​​ metal having​​ a​​ relatively ​​low ​​melting ​​point.​​​​ Soldering is​​ used ​​to​​ form​​ a​​permanent connection ​​between ​​​​electronic components.

These classes address the knowledge and techniques required to produce high-quality manually soldered joints. Intermediate-level classes focus on differences in soldering alloys, including lead-free solders, and also on the proper soldering technique for joining PCB components.

This class describes common safety hazards and precautions for soldering applications. Includes an Interactive Lab.

This class provides an introduction to basic soldering equipment selection, including safety equipment.

This class describes various types of solder and flux and discusses how to select them for particular applications.

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Start with the basics and then move on to more advanced techniques. Learn how to inspect and repair solder joints using the included soldering iron. Finish with a Surface Mount Technology learning module with lab. Good soldering requires some practice and an understanding of the principles involved. Best of all, you’ll earn a professional Certificate of Completion in Soldering Techniques from BAH Career suitable for framing when finished.